The next meeting ANA EC meeting will be Thursday, December 20 at the NW Rec Center at 6:30.  All of the rest of the ANA meetings through September, 2013 are scheduled to be on the fourth Thursday of the month at NW Rec. 

We heard an update about the impact that the Jan 13 3M Half Marathon and the Ausitn Marathon on Feb. 17 will have on the neighborhood.   The routes for both races will be the same as last year.  Ausitn Marathon will have on Allandale. Ari Witkin, who is doing neighborhood outreach on behalf of both events is committed to minimizing the impact on neighbors.  The events will also be taking added steps to clean up any trash.  Anyone needing traffic routing advice can call him at (512) 585-0158 or email ari [Email address: ari #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ].  2013 3M Half Marathon and Austin Marathon

ANA adopted an interim budget for the year.  The budget projects $29,357.50 in income and $28, 958.00 in expenses.  Some final tweaking will be made at the December meeting and a detailed copy of the final budget will be posted on the ANA website. 

ANA heard a presentation by Rick Engel and Alice Glasco concerning the proposed Little Woodrow’s location at 5425 Burnet Rd (the former Nelson Puett Real Estate office).  The ANA  EC has not taken a formal position on the proposal but concerns were raised about parking adequacy, late night operating hours and noise. Members of the EC will be researching this issue further and may take a position in the future. 

The ANA EC did vote to support Brentwood Neighborhood’s efforts to fight a proposed multifamily development on Sunshine Drive that would be a significant increase in the number of units that are allowed under current zoning. 

We also heard updates on the 45th and Bull Creek Development, as well as a report concerning the number of waivers approved by the city’s Board of Adjustment.  There was consensus to request that the Austin Neighborhoods Council (ANC) look into this issue since it affects properties all over the city. 

We are also continuing to explore ways of increasing newsletter distribution to every address in Allandale including about 1,400 apartments and businesses (which would raise total circulation to nearly 5,000.  Our goal is to do this by February. 

The Executive Committee also approved launching an effort by the Safety Committee to educate residents about how to properly use outdoor lighting to deter crime. 

The EC also discussed appointing ANA’s representative to the ANC.  Both Caroline Reynolds and Laura Pressley have expressed an interest.  Based on subsequent discussions, Laura Pressley is serving in that role on an interim basis and the EC will take formal action at the December meeting.