ANC members are contacting City Council Members today asking to delay vote on agenda item #54 on today's council agenda. The item has to do with the City approving an interlocal agreement with the State (the Texas Facilities Commission) regarding the development of state-owned property under the State's Public Private Partnership (P3) agreements. This is of particular interest to Allandale because the State-owned tract of land at 45th & Bull Creek, where a proposal for a mixed-used development has already been submitted, is one such P3 agreement. The ANA EC members, and anyone else who so desires, is asking the City Council to delay consideration until after the Legislative session, as it is anticipated P3 agreements will come under scrutiny in the upcoming session.

Agenda Item #54, states: "Approve a resolution directing the City Manager to negotiate and execute an interlocal agreement with the Texas Facilities Commission to participate in the Texas Facilities Commission's master planning efforts for sites located in the City."

You can get background information on this agenda item in an article in today's Statesman, "City wants to negotiate its role on state lands," by Laylan Copelin here. If you would like to join in on efforts to delay the vote, here is a link to a page that allows you to send an email all of your city council members