One of the topics for this month's Allandale Neighborhood Association's General Meeting is a discussion of the the two district representation plans on the November 6 ballot. Fred Lewis will be arguing for the 10-1 plan and David Butts will be talking about the 8-2-1 approach. You can get a preview of the pros and cons of each in today's article, "A closer look at the arguments for and against City Council district plans," by Sarah Coppola in the Austin American-Statesman. If neither of the district plans receives greater than 50% of the vote, Austin will continue with its current at-large system. Click here to read the article. What follows is the agenda for Thursday's meeting:


September 27, 2012, 6:30 pm – Northwest Rec Center
Allandale Neighborhood General Membership Meeting

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come – pass the word.

Agenda will be:
Election of Officers
Bylaws Update – add the Immediate Past President as a non-voting
member of the Executive Committee
45th and Bull Creek land development update – Joe Reynolds

All of the Propositions on the November Ballot:
Medical School – Betty Dunkerley, former Council Member
Move Council Elections from May to November -speaker to be
Single Member Districts –
10-1 — Fred Lewis
8-2-1 — David Butts
Bond Propositions- Jeb Boyt, who was a member of the Bond Commission

Donna Beth McCormick. President