The Texas Facilities Commission which manages state-owned property changed the rules yesterday on when it notifies the public on unsolicited proposals from the private sector to develop state lands. According to this article in today's Austin American-Statesman, "Texas Facilities Commission will part curtain on public-private partnerships," by Laylan Copeland, the Texas Facilities Commission must now notify the public within 10 days of receiving an unsolicited proposal for a state-owned property. Prior to yesterday's ruling, the state was not required to reveal information about a proposed project until it was further along in the review process. The change was prompted by neighborhood associations near the state-owned land along Bull Creek Rd when information leaked out about a proposed development going in there. They were concerned the project would be fast-tracked without adequate time for providing input. Click here to read the full article and come to next Thursday's ANA General Meeting to learn more about the Bull Creek project.