Good morning!  Please find below the status of work for the Allandale Storm Drain Improvements

 Last week:

  • Additional sod placement on White Horse, Nasco and remainder of project
  • Watering grass
  • Installation of hand rail on White Horse tributary
  • Finalization of all items before paving schedule begins.

Rain Days:    None

**The schedule below is projected as accurately as possible, however, all dates are subject to change due to the nature of construction and weather**

This week:

  • Finalization of sod placement
  • Continuation of grass watering
  • Final paving begins on Thursday, August 9 and Friday, August 10.  Paving is anticipated to begin Thursday around 7:30 a.m. on Bull Creek at Shoal Creek and will work north toward White Horse.  Final paving should begin on White Horse and Nasco on Friday.
  •  ** Please be sure to remove your vehicles from the street to speed up the process.  Vehicles left in the street will necessitate requests for removal. If no one is available to move the vehicle, a tow truck will move the vehicle to a nearby street. Please allow time for the new paving to cure before driving, riding or walking on the new pavement.  Letters have been hand-delivered to those homes involved.

Work next week:

  • Re-vegetation of outfall leading to Shoal Creek
  • Installations of hand rails at tributary on Bull Creek
  • Final walk –through

**Please note:  The watering trucks must go along the curbs in order to get the best coverage for watering.  Please move your car off of the street to ensure the best watering coverage and to ensure your car does not get showered.  If you leave your car on the street, please be aware that the truck will not be able to water the grass on the other side of your car and your car will instead get wet.   Crews will be watering grass throughout the area through the end of next week.

We will send letters detailing the final paving schedule as soon as the schedule has been confirmed by the contractor.  We currently expect final paving to begin next Thursday, August 9 and Friday, August 10.  As before, you will be requested to move your car from the street and to allow time for the new paving to cure before driving, riding or walking on the new pavement.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Once again, thank you for working to help keep the children away from the construction area and equipment.  Information on the Allandale Storm Drain Improvements can always be found at

Project construction contacts are:
Project Manager, George Jackson

[Email address: George.Jackson #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]
Construction Inspector, Jim Evans
512.974.1586 (desk); 512.576.8890
James.Evans [Email address: James.Evans #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]