What kind of transportation system makes the most sense for Austin?  Should the emphasis be on light rail, rapid bus, or cars?  If we do move ahead with light rail, what are the best routes?
Sustainable Neighborhoods of North Central Austin and the North Austin Coalition of Neighborhoods will co-host a public debate on transportation alternatives on Thursday, July 19, at 7 PM.  The speakers are Skip Cameron, who will argue for an expanded rapid bus system, and Andrew Clements, who supports prioritizing rail.  Both have been outspoken thinkers in our community on transportation matters.  Examples of their positions can be seen at the following link:
The debate and discussion will last about an hour, followed by an update and discussion of the bond package.  The meeting is at the Village Christian Apartments meeting room, 7925 Rockwood.  Directions – http://www.snaustin.org/meeting-directions