Dear neighbors,
As your Allandale Neighborhood Association representative to Austin Neighborhoods Council, I am sending this  meeting announcement and an excerpt from an email from the ANC President. City Council is scheduled to hear a proposed ordinance for short term rentals as agenda item 53 this Thursday, June 7.  This is the second item under agenda heading "4:00 PM – Public Hearings and Possible Actions.
To view the proposed ordinance and related "backup":

1) Click here
2) On the line for June 7, click on Agenda
3)  Search or scroll to item 53.
4)  Click on the text for item 53, and select from the backup material listed on
the right.

I hope to see you there, and encourage you to email city council.


Following is an excerpt from an email from the ANC President:
In November 2011, the Austin Neighborhoods Council overwhelmingly passed a
resolution asking that the City's Land Development Code be loosened so that the
owners of homesteaded property would be allowed to rent out
their homes on a short term basis of less than 30 days. Under our resolution if
the Travis County Appraisal District recognizes the property as your homestead
and it is owner-occupied, then your home (or garage apartment or studio) could
be rented short-term. The thought here is that this would be an occasional use
of your homestead and that you would remain an integral part of your

What is very troubling to the ANC is when these vacation rentals are operated
on a purely commercial basis as a sort of mini-hotel. The best estimate is that
there are more than 600 of these commercial STRs (CSTRs) in the
City. A commercial use this intense is not appropriate in our single-family
neighborhoods. The ANC resolution asks council to prohibit, and not grandfather,
CSTRs. A public hearing on whether to change the land use code to allow
STRs/CSTRs in single-family neighborhoods is scheduled to go before the City
Council on June 7th.

They need to hear from you. Join us at City Hall and email Council. Tell them
not to allow a sweeping insertion of a commercial use into residential zoned

Email the Mayor and City Council at or
lee.leffingwell [Email address: lee.leffingwell #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]
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Visit the Austin Neighborhoods Council website for more information or contact Helen Rockenbaugh at crock50 [Email address: crock50 #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ] ,

Thank you,

Steven Aleman, President
Austin Neighborhoods Council
stevenraleman [Email address: stevenraleman #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]