Austin Neighborhood's Council president, Steve Aleman, points to Burnet Road as an example of the type of growth encouraged by the City's proposed comprehensive plan, "Imagine Austin," that will stifle Austin's eccentric character.

An article, "Austin City Council approaches vote on overarching growth plan," by Marty Toohey in today's Austin American-Statesman, reports the City's comprehensive plan is on Thursday's City Council's agenda. The 197-page document is the culmination of a 2-year drafting process. The plan is intended to serve as a policy guide for the City's growth over the next 30 years. With regard to Burnet Road, the plan "calls for more aesthetically pleasing stretches of several-story buildings and blocks where people can get around by walking or taking a short ride."

What follows is a call to action from the Austin Neighborhoods Council (ANC) regarding its position on the proposed plan:

Subject:     [ANC] Message from ANC President – Call for Action:
Council Hearing on Comp. Plan, 6/14/12
Date:     Sun, 10 Jun 2012 21:49:23 -0500
From:     ANC Member Alert List <members [Email address: members #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]>
Reply-To:     president [Email address: president #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]
To:     members <members [Email address: members #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]>

Dear Neighbors:

This week there is an important public meeting at City Hall.  On
Thursday, June 14, 2012, the City Council will hold the public
hearing on the Imagine Austin comprehensive plan.  This is
a topic of importance to the membership of the Austin
Neighborhoods Council (ANC).  The ANC encourages you to attend
the hearing, bring your neighbors, and support neighborhoods.
You don’t necessarily have to speak, but if you are staying for
the duration of the hearing you may donate time to designated

As you know, the ANC membership spent several months
participating in the development of the Imagine Austin
comprehensive plan.  In April, a straw poll of the ANC
membership revealed that there was almost unanimous agreement
that work remains on the comprehensive plan from the
neighborhood perspective.  The ANC Executive Committee has
identified five key topics that must be fixed before City
Council adopts Imagine Austin:  the growth concept map, the
priority program to revise the Land Development Code, the role
of neighborhood planning and neighborhood plans, support of
locally owned neighborhood businesses, and the overall tone of
the plan to ensure inclusion of all communities that live in
Austin.  In short, ANC wants to preserve what is unique about
Austin which is our neighborhoods.  Please attend the City
Council meeting and let the Council Members know that what
attracts people and businesses to Austin are the strong
neighborhoods that give Austin character and identity as much as
anything else. Sign in as opposed to Imagine Austin to signify
that work remains.  Noting your opinion is important whether you
elect to speak.  By signing in, you have the option of donating
your time to a designated speaker as long as you are there when
the designated speaker is called to speak.
We will confirm the time of the hearing before Thursday.  We
anticipate that the hearing will be no earlier than 6:00pm.

See you at City Hall!

Please note that if you drive to City Hall, parking is available
in the underground garage.  Do not pay to park!  Get a parking
ticket and bring it with you.  If you are attending the Council
meeting you can _get your ticket validated and park for free_.
We encourage you to carpool with neighbors if possible.