Efforts to ban commercial short-term rentals (STRs) in residentional areas failed at last night's city council meeting. The Austin city council voted (5-2) to allow short-term rentals in neighborhoods for both owner-occupied homes and non-owner occupied (commercial), but they will now be governed by a set of rules. To allay concerns about neighborhoods losing homes to commercial rentals, the council voted to limit non-owner occupied short-term rentals to no more than 3 percent within a certain zip code. According to this KLBJ News report, one of the rules limits rentals to no more than 90 days out of the year. Both types of STRs will have to register with the city. Commercial STRs will be required to obtain a conditional use permit as well, which will require a public hearing. The council will be working out the details of the regulation in future meetings. You can read more about last night's decision on the Statesman, "City Council approves short-term rental rules," by Farzad Mashhood.