The Allandale Neighborhood Association's Executive Committee (EC) will NOT be holding its monthly meeting scheduled for Thursday, May 24 at the Northwest Recreation Center. Instead the EC will be joining members of the Austin Neighboorhood Council at City Hall where there will be a public hearing on the city's Imagine Austin comprehensive plan and on regulation of commercial short-term rentals, two items of particular interest to the EC. Please put this on your calendars. The Short Term Rentals public hearing is on the agenda at 4 PM.

What follows is an email sent to ANC's membership from its president that provides more details about the upcoming council meeting:

Dear Neighbors:

The Austin Neighborhoods Council (ANC) will hold its May, 2012 general meeting on a special date and location.*This month we will meet at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 24, 2012 at Austin City Hall (301 West 2nd Street)*.(No meeting on Wednesday, May 23^rd
at the Austin Energy building.)

We will initially gather in the atrium (main lobby) at City Hall.We will then move to the Council Chamber.The purpose of this month’s special meeting is to rally in support of
neighborhoods during the City Council’s public hearing on the Imagine Austin comprehensive plan.While ANC and our members have labored and intensely participated in the process over the past many months, there remains an urgent need to both protect the provisions and improvements we have achieved as well as advocate for changes we believe are still required.

The significance of Imagine Austin warrants this special meeting of the ANC membership at City Hall.As you may know, a straw poll of the membership on Imagine Austin was taken at our April meeting.There was an almost unanimous agreement that work remains on the comprehensive plan from the neighborhood perspective.

We do not expect all members to speak.However, we are asking all members to attend and bring along neighbors in a show of strength that we have legitimate concerns and expect our elected officials to take notice.As the public hearing approaches on May 24th , we will communicate further details and talking points.Also check out the ANC website for updates and information (

The City Council has also tentatively scheduled a public hearing on another topic of importance to ANC for the same day – city regulation of commercial short-term rentals.We will keep you posted on details and whether we will also have an opportunity to testify on short-term rentals on the evening of May 24^th . See you at City Hall!

Please note that if you drive to City Hall, parking is available in the underground garage.Do not pay to park!Get a parking ticket and bring it with you.If you are attending the City
Council meeting you can get your ticket validated and park for free.