Good afternoon! Please find below the status of work for the Allandale Storm Drain Improvements:

Completions Prior Week:
Cement-stabilized subgrade on west side of Bull Creek Road between 2222 to White Horse;

  1. Most of the curb, gutter, and driveway replacement on the west side of Bull Creek Road between White Horse to RM 2222;
  2. Placed the first two-inch thick lift of asphalt on Bull Creek Road from Shoal Creek to 2222

Rain Days:    None

Upcoming: The schedule below is projected as accurately as possible but, all dates are subject to change due to the nature of construction and weather.

The Nasco water main is installed; the next steps will include completing services, cleaning, testing, and tie-ins to the existing water lines.

  1. Upon completion of the tie-ins the new waterline will be activated and the storm drain inlets on Nasco will be installed.

Bull Creek
Curb and Gutter Replacement

  • In order to reconstruct the subgrade, curb and gutters will be replaced with new curb and gutters. To do this eighteen inches behind the existing curb will be removed.  If you have plants, shrubs or other landscaping items in an area two feet from the curb, we request that this material be removed the week before work begins on your block.  If the items remain in the area, they may be removed and discarded by the construction crew. Any irrigation systems/piping/sprinkler heads etc. within two feet should also be removed before the construction crew reaches your lot.  The forms for the curb could extend up to one to two feet behind the curb and the contractor will need some additional room to install the forms and work in the area.

The following work on Bull Creek will necessitate a full closure of the east side of the road between 2222 and White Horse until further notice and will require some partial   closures and flagging operations between Shoal Creek and 2222.

The traffic control will switch on Tuesday afternoon to reopen the west lanes (south bound) and close the east lanes (north bound).

  • Removal of Curbs and Gutters and driveways on the east side of Bull Creek between 2222 and White Horse will begin on Wednesday, April 11.
  • Cement slurry mix in the roadway on the east side of the road between Shoal Creek and 2222 will start Thursday, April 12 and should be complete by the end of Friday, April 13.  The mix will be completed approximately 640 feet at a time.
  • Plans to lay sod south of 2222, behind the newly installed curb, will begin this week.
  • Construction will raise castings (manhole lids, valves, etc.) in Bull Creek Creek between Shoal Creek and 2222.  The work will begin this week and is anticipated to be complete within 2 weeks.

Reconstruction of Bull Creek includes barricades placed at appropriate intervals.  This work will include milling of the asphalt on one half of the street at a time.   Removal of the curb & gutter and driveways will follow the milling operation.  Once the removal of the curbs & gutters and driveways is complete, subgrade work will begin, which includes preparing the soil underneath the pavement.  You should be aware that the machines doing this work will cause some vibration as the soil is compacted.

We will notify residents as we approach their block. Letters with details about the construction will be hand delivered door to door to the residents on Bull Creek. Once again, please note that the schedule is subject to change based on weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances.