Proposed Allandale bike pathwaysby Katie Larsen [Email address: katie.a.larsen #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

The Lamar Middle School Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Committee has identified the upcoming resurfacing of Wynona Avenue and reconstruction of White Rock Drive, and possibly White Horse Trail, as opportunities to accomplish the following goals: 

  • Create safe, protected and welcoming bike routes to area schools,
  • Protect the Shoal Creek watershed (i.e., reduce impervious cover),
  • Calm traffic, and
  • Create a neighborhood amenity.

In January 2011, the SRTS Committee hosted a meeting to discuss potential designs with residents and members of the Lamar Middle School community.  The April 2011 ANA newsletter included a summary of the ideas from that meeting.  What follows are the design ideas compiled from discussions with the Lamar MS Campus Advisory Council, Lamar MS PTA and the Allandale Neighborhood Association. 

Wynona Avenue

  • Convert it from a wide two-way street to a narrower one-way (northbound only) street with two lanes (one through-travel lane and one bypass/residential parking lane),
  • Add a two-way bike pathway to the east side of Wynona (the school side of the road),
  • Protect the bike pathway with landscape buffer (e.g., a rain garden) to prevent encroachment of vehicles into the bike pathway, and
  • Provide safer crossings, ideally away from the intersections, for pedestrians and cyclists.

White Rock Drive (between Wynona Avenue and Shoal Creek Boulevard)

  • Reduce street width to two lanes of traffic (one lane for each direction),
  • Eliminate on-street parking (very few cars park on White Rock Drive),
  • Add a two-way bike pathway to the north side of White Rock Drive, and
  • Protect the bike pathway with landscape buffer (e.g., rain garden).

White Horse Trail

  • Create bike lanes, or possibly narrower auto travel lanes and a protected bike pathway.

SRTS would like more feedback from residents before submitting the proposals to the City of Austin for review and approval at the end of February. To provide feedback, please email both Katie Larsen (katie.a.larsen [Email address: katie.a.larsen #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]) and Jane Herrin (katie.a.larsen [Email address: katie.a.larsen #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]).  If you have any questions about the details of the proposals, please contact Katie Larsen.