What follows is a note from Steven Zettner, Sustainable Neighborhoods:

The 2012 bond process is entering the critical phase, when decisions will be made about how much money to recommend for each project.

It's critical that we keep up the great visibility for the Burnet and N Lamar corridor improvement projects over the coming month.

1. Forward this email to friends, neighbors, and parents of school children
2. Take five minutes to fill out this online survey:


In the second half of the survey, you'll be asked to list ten projects that you support. We're asking people to support the following projects:

#13 – Burnet Rd Corridor Improvements
#21 – N Lamar Corridor Improvements
#88 – N Lamar Streetscape & Roadway Imprv/Research to Rundberg

The N Lamar projects are for the benefit of our sister neighborhoods north of 183. We've been working closely with them during this process. As you can see below, they have already given enormous support to the Burnet corridor projects at a previous workshop meeting and in online survey responses. By supporting each others' projects, we are raising the overall profile of North Austin.

I'm copying the Lamar MS distribution because the area around Lamar MS will benefit enormously. At a minimum, we should expect safety improvements at Burnet-2222, including removal of the dedicated right turn lane from Burnet west onto 2222 that is such a safety risk for children trying to reach Lamar. We should also expect sidewalks or even a segregated bike lane (above curb, away from traffic) from Twin Oaks to the school.

Similar improvements would occur around Burnet-Anderson.

You can also attend the last bond workshop next Saturday:

Sat Mar 31, 2:00-4:00
Anderson High School
8403 Mesa Dr.
Austin, TX 78759

Thanks again for your support!