Sustainable Neighborhoods of North Central Austin will meet on Thursday, Feb 16, to decide whether to push for bond funding for pedestrian, bike and transit improvements on Burnet Rd.
The meeting will also decide whether to seek changes to Comprehensive Plan language for definition of mixed use corridors like Burnet, review a recent White Paper on getting more kids and less congestion from future housing, and provide an update on the proposed development at 8100 Burnet.
All of these topics are interrelated. The current Comprehensive Plan description of mixed use corridors is so vague that the City may never invest in improvements needed to achieve village centers at places like Burnet-Anderson, which are needed for child-safety and reduced traffic congestion. The lack of such a vision was felt in the recent Burnet corridor transportation study.  Meanwhile, North Shoal Creek Neighborhood Association has been in intense discussions with a developer who wants to add 300 apartments at the Ross Property at 8100 Burnet, mainly concerning planning of the site to minimize traffic impact. Again, lack of a vision for the Burnet corridor has led to different expectations of what such a development would look like.
The meeting is open to the public.  It is Thu. 2/16 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM at the Village Christian Apartments activity room at 7925 Rockwood just north of Anderson.   Directions here:
Please come out and contribute.
Apologies to residents of North Shoal Creek – our meeting conflicts with the neighborhood meeting that same night.  SN had scheduled this meeting prior to the NSC announcement.