Council Member Bill Spelman wants to put a hold on the review of short term rentals in Austin while the city auditor's office collects data on the number, location, and impact of the rentals on neighborhoods. The objective of the review, which started 18 months ago, was to determine whether new rules for short-term rentals were necessary. According to today's article in the Austin American-Statesman, not everyone agrees that halting the review is a good idea. Council member Kathy Tovo and some neighborhood representatives don't believe the delay is needed; there is plenty of information that has already been collected from city departments, the auditor's office, and a number of well-attended stakeholder meetings during the review. Council Member Laura Morrison told the Statesman, "The concern that's been raised is that people didn't buy their homes to live next door to a hotel." Allandale resident Maurice Anderson, who has a short-term rental accross the street from him, is one of the people quoted in the article. Click here for more the complete article.