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Allandale Neighborhood- Construction Update

All water lines on Northland and Bull Creek are complete
Two fire hydrants were put in, active water line in way.
Inlets north of White Rock on Bull Creek
Letters regarding inlet or fire hydrant installations will be hand delivered on Thursday, December 22 to those addresses where the inlets will be installed.
The crews are still installing inlets and should be finished with inlet work by the end of February. Three inlets remain on White Horse. Seven inlets remain on Nasco.
Construction crews will not work between December 23-January 3rd in observance of the holidays.

December 2011 Allandale Neighbor

The December issue of the Allandale Neighbor is out. Please notify me if you have not received it. In this issue, we revisit the Allandale Storm Drainage Project; we are a year into the project, it's not finished and neighbors are upset. Cynthia Keohane provides a...

Yesterday’s bike event

We had a good turnout at yesterday's Bike Swap/Fix it SLOW BIKE RACE event. Nelo from Nelo's cycles was kept busy for the duration fixing kids bikes. At one point there was a line. Darren from Sun & Ski Sports showed up, set up a tent and was advising on...


Come out for today's Bike Swap/Fix it and SLOW BIKE RACE!

Sun and Ski will be there to do bike and helmet fits. Nelo's Cycles will be there to tune up your bike and do minor repairs. We will have prizes for the winner of the Slow Bike Race – the one that crosses the finish line last. Winner gets a $50 certificated from Sun & Ski. TODAY – 2-4 p.m. Read below for more details.


Everything is a go for Sunday's Event. The forecast is ideal weather. Bring your bikes or desire for a bike and come have fun at Lamar Middle School. The event takes place out in front of the school on Wynona. In the event you feel like you need to prepare for the SLOW BIKE RACE, here are the rules:

Slow Bicycle Race Objective – To ride a two-wheeled bicycle (no training wheels) over a fixed course in the longest interval of time.

a. A bicycle that has only two rubber-tired pneumatic wheels in ground contact, which are coplanar in the plane of the frame when traveling forward in a normal fashion.
b. It will have steering capability in the normal fashion.
c. No part of the bicycle except the tires will touch the course.

1. The course will be approximately 20 yards wide
2. The course lanes will be marked
3. Forward motion shall be provided by the muscles of the rider.
4. No part of the competitor's body may touch the ground.
5. The bicycle must maintain forward motion at all times.
6. The bicycle must remain within the boundaries of the course.
7. Each racer will be allowed 3 attempts to complete the course.


NEIGHBORS GET READY FOR A FUN EVENT! Sunday afternoon at Lamar Middle School Lamar Safe Routes to School is hosting an event to get your children – from elementary to high school – on their bikes. If the bike needs some attention, bring it and have the bike mechanics from Nelo's Cycles look it over and do some basic maintenance. If you'r not sure if the bike is too small for your child, bring it and the folks at Sun & Ski will take a look and let you know. They will also be doing helmet fittings.

Answers to questions from Allandale Storm Drainage Project meeting

The following are answers from the City to the questions that came up in last weeks public meeting held at the Northwest Recreation Center on the Allandale Storm Drain Project.

Allandale Public Information Meeting
December 1, 2011
Northwest Recreation Center
Questions and Answers
What options are there to complete the project faster?
We are compressing the contractor’s work schedule by allowing them to work in two areas simultaneously, from Shoal Creek heading north and from Allandale north.  The project team is targeting mid-April for completion of the work.
How is the project affecting Austin Memorial Park Cemetery?
We are currently investigating any possible impacts the project may have on the Austin Memorial Park Cemetery.  Additional information will follow.
What is the schedule now?  Can you tell us what work will be done and approximate time these tasks will begin?  How long will they last?
The contractor’s 2 week look-ahead schedule is attached.  This schedule is currently under review by the City and may be modified.  Detailed descriptions of the work will be provided in the weekly email updates.  Residents are also invited to attend the weekly Tuesday 5:30 pm meetings for more detailed discussions and questions.
How will the accelerated option work?
We’ll work from Shoal Creek heading northward and from Allandale northward.  We will pave these two areas at the same time. This may start as early as January 3, 2012.