Please join the City’s Public Works Department and Watershed Protection Department for a neighborhood meeting to discuss project updates and options for resurfacing methods as we move forward on the Allandale Storm Drain Improvement Project. The meeting will be held at Northwest Recreation Center on Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 6:30 pm. Please forward the notice to those throughout the neighborhood who may be interested in attending.

White Horse Trail:
The street will be closed until approximately 11/21/11 from Bull Creek to Shoalwood Avenue.  Crews will complete the 7×4 box culvert by Wednesday, 11/16, depending on the weather and if the creek stops draining. They will continue with the 36"storm drain line, working eastward toward the school.  White Horse will be closed from Bull Creek to Shoalwood until early next week, then it will be closed from Shoalwood to Wynona until 11/23/11.  Driveways on White Horse may be blocked for a day or two during this time. 

Bull Creek Road:
Wastewater services continue to be installed and should be complete along the stretch from RM 2222 to White Rock Drive by 11/23/11.  Flaggers continue being used to assist for one-way traffic until then.

RM 2222:
Sidewalk and ADA ramp on RM 2222 are being replace on 11/16/11, and should reopen by 11/17. 
Mill and overlay of 2222 will occur on Saturday, 11/19/11.

Bullard Drive:
Bullard will be paved on Saturday, 11/19.  Prep work will begin this week for that repaving, using one-way traffic control flaggers if needed. The paving will be at the north section of the Carleen/Bullard intersection and will be about 100 feet long.  Traffic will be detoured around the closure using the same set up for construction.   

Bull Creek:
Stream bank stabilization will also continue this week, starting up November 17, and the concrete headwall has been completed.

More Information
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The main contacts for this project are:
Jim Evans, Construction Inspector
James.Evans [Email address: James.Evans #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

Tony Krauss, Project Manager
Tony.Krauss [Email address: Tony.Krauss #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

Greg Weems, Inspection Supervisor
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