• The next closure of RM 2222 at Bull Creek Road will be on Saturday, November 12. The road should be reopened by Saturday evening.
  • White Horse Trail will be closed at Nasco for a few days, starting today.
  • There will be closures and blocked driveways on Nasco after we finish work at the White Horse Intersection, possibly starting on Friday of this week. It will likely take about two weeks to install the storm drain pipe on Nasco.
  • We have started installing water service lines on Bull Creek Road on the other side of the street. This week, we will be between RM 2222 and White Horse.
  • Bull Creek Road is closed north of RM 2222, and two driveways are blocked. We anticipate that we will be able to reopen the road and driveways next week.
  • We are working on the streambank stabilization in the tributary off of Bull Creek Road. We should finish this work shortly before Thanksgiving.
  • All dates and time frames are estimates only, based on the information available on October 31.

Informal Meeting: Tony Krauss, the project manager, will be on site for questions most Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m. He will be on Bull Creek Road by the tributary today.

RM 2222 at Bull Creek Road: The remaining closures at this intersection will be on Saturdays only: November 12 and November 19. All the storm drain work and waterline work at this intersection has been finished. Repaving is the only remaining work.

Repaving of Bull Creek Road: At the November 3 City Council meeting, we are asking the City Council to authorize additional expenditures on this project to cover the cost of the street reconstruction. The funding is available and within the project's budget, but City Council needs to approve the additional amount on the construction contract. In addition to Council approval, the change order must be executed, the traffic control plan approved and one inlet installed before repaving can begin. We believe that this can be accomplished and repaving can begin before Thanksgiving. The street reconstruction is a major operation with several steps and multiple passes down the street with different equipment. We are estimating that it will take two months to do most of the repaving on the two blocks between Shoal Creek Blvd. and RM 2222. After those two months, the only remaining construction on those two blocks will be the final overlay, which will be done at the very end of the project.

Bull Creek Road: Bull Creek Road is now open south of RM 2222, but it is closed north of RM 2222. Two driveways are blocked. We have finished laying the box culvert and are currently connecting the culverts. This will take about a week, and we should have the road reopened next week.

We are continuing to install water service lines on Bull Creek Road, north of RM 2222. We have started installing the lines on the other side of the street. The week of October 31, we will be between RM 2222 and White Horse.

White Horse Trail: White Horse Trail will be closed at Nasco this week for a few days. White Horse should be reopened on Friday or early next week. There will be additional closures on White Horse in the coming weeks. Some of these will also affect pedestrians.

Nasco: We expect it will take about two weeks to install the storm drain pipe on Nasco. We may start as early as Friday of this week. Both lanes of the road will be closed. Driveways will be blocked during the day, but we will try to reopen them at night.

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Greg Weems, Inspection Supervisor
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