Great Northern Boulevard just south of Foster Lane Based on the ballots received by the MoPac Improvement Project Team from adjacent property owners, the proposed sound wall along Great Northern Blvd north of the Far West pedestrian bridge to Foster, Sound Wall #2, was voted down and will not be constructed. Six adjacent property owners voted for it, 10 voted against it, and 4 did not respond.

Adjacent property owners voted FOR the sound wall south of Far West  to 2222 along Great Northern Blvd, Sound Wall #3, by a margin of 26 to 3, with 16 no responses. Because this sound wall is to be constructed in the City of Austin's right-of-way, it will now go to the Austin City Council for approval. There were a total of 3 sound wall segments out of 23 proposed along MoPac that were voted down. You can get more information about the outcome of the vote and the project at the Mopac Improvement Project website: