Front pageThe October Allandale Neighbor is being delivered. I received mine today and I hope you received yours as well. I am so pleased with the contributions neighbors submitted. I am always worried when we start the process that I won't have enough content to fill the 24 pages. But when it all comes in, I end up with too much. Many thanks to all of the folks who put the time and effort into writing an article. There is talent in this neighborhood.

The focus of this issue is coping with the drought. A big thank you to Angela Caras who talked to the tree experts and put together a piece on taking care of your trees during these dry times. We also have an article about a drought-hardy grass. St Augustine is not made for Austin summers. I am adding both articles to the website in case you would like to comment at the end of each article.

This issue also includes a profile on long-time resident Doris Hutton submitted by her neighbors, the Alcala family. Doris is a very interesting woman and I encourage you to read it. 

The Allandale Neighborhood Association is changing some of its Executive Committee members. Cynthia Keohane's term is up which means this is our last President's letter from her. Thank you Cynthia for all of your work on behalf of the neighborhood. Steven Zettner provides a write-up on what improvements are being considered for Burent Rd. Laura Dooley wrote a review on the new Roll On Sushi restaurant, and, as always, the newsletter includes an update on ANA meetings, a neighborhood safety report from Laura DiCarlo, Gullett Good News from Stephanie Schulz, and more. Remember our advertisers when you are out shopping. If you have an article idea, send me an email. Here is a link to the electronic version of the newsletter.

Tom Linehan
Editor, Allandale Neighbor
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