CrestviewThis proposed development is not in Allandale but in Crestview, however it is just across Burnet Rd and it will it will likely impact us. A developer is asking the Crestview Neighborhood to adopt a Vertical Mixed Use (VMU) overlay on the property where the Dallas Night Club is located. The following is an excerpt of a post to the Crestview listserve about a meeting tomorrow night regarding the development:

The idea for the redevelopment is a 3-story mixed-use building that faces Burnet Road, with retail on the bottom floor and approximately 250 apartments on the back part of the property. A parking garage will be in the middle, not visible from the street or from the neighbors who back up to the property. It's a large area, about 7 acres, a bit smaller than the area of Brentwood Park. 

The developer will do a few nice things too: remove the liquor/bar zoning from the dallas property, build a really wide sidewalk with more new trees along Burnet, and allow walkable street access to the green/park space. 

Click here for the details about the proposed development in the Crestvoew Neighborhood Association's October newsletter (page 3). Monday night the Crestview Neighborhood Association is having  a meeting to vote on the proposed redevelopment at 6:30pm at the Crestview United Methodist Church at Grover/Woodrow,