man-dogOur neighbors, The North Loop Scoop, wrote a review of Man Bites Dog, located on Burnet Road in the same shopping center as Sue Patrick and has heaped effusive praise on it. The reviewer tried the menu item aptly named “Danger Dog,” which contains layer after layer of artery-clogging deliciousness: a deep-fried hot dog wrapped in bacon with jalapenos, queso fresco, and “danger sauce” on top. She also tried to pulled pork macaroni and cheese, which was a “HUGE serving of just what it sounds like” (with a dollop of sour cream on top). She says that the restaurant is a lot like Frank downtown, but “way better,” because it is tastier and “not overpriced.”  You can read her entire review here and see the restaurant’s website here. Before visiting, you may want to be sure you have your cardiologist on speed dial.