• We  will close RM 2222 at Bull Creek Road on Saturday and Sunday. There will be  additional closures on at least five more weekends. As much as possible, traffic is being detoured to 45th and Anderson.
  • White  Horse Trail between Nasco and Woodview/Shoalwood should reopen Wednesday evening.
  • On  Wednesday, we will close Bull Creek Road, just south of RM 2222. We will  resume laying the box culvert from where we left off, right up to the  intersection of RM 2222. Expect driveways at 5806 and 5807 Bull Creek to be  blocked through the weekend. The intersection of Bull Creek Road and RM 2222  will be briefly closed on Wednesday to move the equipment across.  
  • We  are moving northward this week with the new water main on Bull Creek Road  between Shoal Creek Blvd. and RM 2222. We will be north of Northland this  week. We may start installing the service lines towards the end of this week  or early next week, starting near Shoal Creek Blvd.
  • The  small rainfall on the weekend was enough to delay the paving of Bullard. We  are waiting for the base layer to dry before finishing off. The road will be  open before the weekend.
  • Work  on the tributary near White Rock should start next week.  
  • All  dates and time frames are estimates only, based on the information available  on September 20. 

Informal Meeting: There will be no meeting today, September 20. 

Intersection of Bull Creek Rd and RM 2222: This intersection will be closed early in the morning on Saturday, September 24, and will reopen late Sunday, before Monday morning rush hour traffic. It will be closed for at least 5 additional weekends. The contractor will be laying the box culvert across this intersection with an open cut excavation as originally planned. There are a very large number of traffic control signs for this closure. We will do our best to haul them off during the week when they are not needed. However, please be prepared for the possibility of these signs being laid down on the grass in the right of way when not in use. 

White Horse Trail: White Horse Trail should reopen by in the evening on Wednesday, September 21. Before the project’s end, we will have to close White Horse both to finish installing the box culvert where it turns into the tributary and to install a 36-inch storm drain pipe down White Horse Trail between Nasco and Wynona.

Bull Creek Road, the block between RM 2222 and White Rock: The contractor will need to return to this block to continue working in the tributary, to install a new wastewater line and to install new water and wastewater service lines. The work on the tributary is likely to start first, the week of September 26. The work on the service lines will likely start when the contractor finishes work on the box culvert. The service lines are pipes that connect the main line in the street to the property line. Installing the service lines is much faster than installing the box culverts. Lanes may be closed by each house as the work progresses, but driveways should not be blocked for more than a day or so, and one lane on the road should be open.

Bull Creek Road, the block between Shoal Creek Blvd and RM 2222: On September 21, we will be closing Bull Creek Road just south of the RM 2222 intersection to finish installing the box culvert up to the edge of the intersection. Expect driveways at 5806 and 5807 Bull Creek to be blocked. The intersection of Bull Creek Road and RM 2222 will be briefly closed to move the equipment across. 

The contractor started installing the new water main on Tuesday, September 6. We will be in the block north of Northland this week. We will start installing service lines at the end of this week or towards the beginning of next week. It is likely to take about a month to install the water line, the service lines and complete the required testing of the lines. Installing the service lines and water main is much faster than installing the box culverts. To install the service lines, we will probably need to close both lanes of the road. Driveways may be occasionally blocked, but for the most part, there should be access to driveways.

Bullard Drive: Repaving work has begun on Bullard Drive, but the small amount of rain this weekend was enough to soak the base layer. Once the base layer dries, we will finish repaving. The road will be reopen by Saturday, September 24. Construction may resume in this area later in the fall, when Watershed Protection's crews are planning to begin installing the remainder of the storm drain system on Rickey, Carleen and Bullard.

Greenbelt near Shoal Creek Blvd and Bull Creek Rd: The work in the greenbelt is almost complete. A hand-rail still needs to be installed.