Wall 16ft On 7/28 I wrote a letter to this group to provide the information that I learned at the Allandale Sound Wall Workshop held at Gullet Elementary. This week I became aware of a sample of a proposed Sound Wall that is on display at the TXDot property on Bull Creek just south of 45th Street.

Some of you may already be aware of this display and have visited it; for everyone else I would encourage you to take 20 minutes from your day to drive over and walk along the wall. The wall provides a preview of the proposed wall for our neighborhood, but the three options are only 8’, 12’ and 16’. There is no 20’ section on display though this is the majority of what the height along Great Northern will be.

I have placed below a link to some pictures of this wall. It should be noted that I am in the pictures and I’'m 5’'10”" tall. I made a second trip to the wall with a ladder and tape measure to confirm the height of the  various sections. 

A few items that I would like to comment on:

  1. For those who have mentioned the artificial sunsets– the 16'’ wall casts a 15'’ shadow at 4:45 this afternoon. There are markers of 10'’, 20'’, and 30'’ on the ground to help gauge the distance. 
  2. The sample wall is 8"” thick; the proposed wall along Great Northern will be 10"” thick according to the representatives who spoke at the Murchison meeting this past week.
  3. I’m not sure how old this wall is but If you visit the wall notice the cracks and breaks along the top and chips in the wall.
  4. I assume the smooth texture of the wall is designed to prohibit paint (graffiti) from sticking but I wonder if it will also prohibit plants such as ivy from growing on the wall as the artists’ concept for the neighborhood wall shows. 
  5. The example wall displays different aesthetic options; none of these appear to be in the final proposal for the neighborhood.

Again, I encourage everyone to visit this example wall in order to better understand the wall that will be built in the neighborhood, in your backyard, or across the street from your home. Walk along it, touch it and knock on it, but remember that the tallest section of this example is only 16’ tall. 

Link for thepictures:

Directionsto the example wall: 
Take ShoalCreek South to Hancock. Turn Right on Hancock and turn left on Bull Creek.Cross over 45th street – the wall is on the TXDoT property at the corner of Bull Creek and 45th Street but it is somewhat hidden by the trees. After passing 45th street go slightly past Jackson street (right hand side) and turn left into the TXDoT entrance (Meridian Plastic Surgery Center will be on your right). Follow the road and go through the stop sign – you will see a parking lot straight ahead along with the wall. Be careful when pulling into the parking lot as there is a very large pot hole. 

Michael Nink
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