Racoon hole in roof

What follows is an email I received from my neighbor down the street about a raccoon that had dug a hole into his roof. I agree with Dan, that is very odd and it makes me wonder if it is somehow related to the hot, dry weather causing uncharacteristic behaviors in area wildlife seeking water and food. I have never heard of a raccoon burrowing a hole in a person's roof. Your comments/observations welcomed.

Hi Tom –

We live just down the street from you, creekside on Bullard at 5913. I just wanted to let you know about an odd thing that happened. This weekend I noticed there were some roof shingles on the ground, and got the ladder out to go look. What I found was a patch of roof, about a yard across, about a yard from the edge, where the shingles were all torn up. In the middle of this there was a 6-10 inch hole through the roof, with what looked like bite marks around the periphery. Plywood actually pulled up at a corner. Something strong gnawed it's way through our roof! Roof rats? Squirrels? Raccoons? We weren't sure. Never had a problem with any of them before. No one was actually in our attic when we found the hole, thank goodness. Nothing disturbed. I covered up the hole temporarily with a piece of wood and a cinderblock. The next evening I went out with a flashlight, looked up at the roof, and saw a good sized 'coon up there, looking for his or her hole! I chased it off the roof, and it scampered down a tree. It did not look sick, just a little surprised. It looked a little on the big side to squeeze through that hole, so I'm guessing it came back to enlarge it.

Now, I've lived here for almost twenty years, and I've NEVER seen a rodent bore a hole right through the roof. Never even seen a raccoon on the roof. Maybe it's the terrible summer heat. I don't know. Why would it do that? But people should be aware. There is at least one raccoon living in Shoal Creek at the south end of the neighborhood who knows how to puncture roofs, and doesn't hesitate to do it! Roof is now fixed (maybe that means it's going to rain?) Not sure how to keep that raccoon from doing it again, but we'll be vigilant. Thought the neighbors would like to know.
Best Regards,
Dan Lester