The city's Board of Adjustment has ruled that short-term rentals, also referred to as vacation rentals, for a period of less than 10 days is a violation of city code. The City of Austin however is deferring enforcement of the ruling which has critics, including some of the people who live next to the short-term rental properties upset. The City originally ruled that there is nothing in the code relating to length of a residential lease. However, opponents cite Section 25-2-3 of the code, which says, "Residential uses include the occupancy of living accommodations on a nontransient basis." According to one city official, the city is is in the process of reviewing the short-term rental business and there is a good possibility that the city code relating to residential uses will change when the review process is completed. You can expect more to come on the matter as it works its way through the courts. Click here to read "Despite board's ruling, Austin allows short-term home rentals – for now," on