Aug 2011 cover The Allandale list serv lit up in July as residents learned more about the proposed sound walls for Great Northern Blvd. Some want it, some don't. In this issue of the Allandale Neighbor we attempt to get the facts out about the project including what's next.

As always, this issue of the Allandale Neighbor covers a number of topics. We provide an update on the Storm Drain Improvements Project, list the winners from the Allandale Parade, and provide a write-up on the re-opening of the Northwest Recreation Center. School is starting and we provide a glimpse of what is in store for Gullett and Lamar. As always we have our President's letter, Laura DiCarlo's Neighborhood Watch column, a garden column from Giner Soule’, and Dog Talk from Cheryl Silver. 

The Allandale Neighbor is a volunteer effort. Many thanks to the newsletter team: Cathy Savage who does the layout and advertising, Angela Caras who is our copy-editor, and our writers: Laura Dooley, Cynthia Keohane, and Stephanie Schulz.

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Tom Linehan
Editor, The Allandale Neighbor