Informal Meeting: There will be no meeting on Tuesday, August 9. The Project Manager, Tony Krauss, is usually available for questions at the north end of the excavation on Bull Creek Road at 5:30 p.m. most Tuesdays. If you come, please stay out of the barricaded area.

Status of Box Culvert on Bull Creek Rd
: The contractor continues to install the two 7 by 4 foot box culverts on Bull Creek Road between RM 2222 and White Rock Drive. Progress is about 30 feet a day. We may reach White Rock late next week. It will likely take until early or mid-September to reach White Horse Drive.

For installation of the box culvert, about 400 feet of Bull Creek Road is completely closed to traffic on a 24-hour basis. The progress depends on the amount of rock and the conflicting utility lines. The closure cannot be reopened at night for safety reasons.

Bull Creek Rd, the block between Shoal Creek Blvd and RM 2222: Construction on the new water main and water service lines is still a few weeks away. Once construction starts on the water line, it will probably take at least a month before the contractor can begin reconstructing the street. Before the end of the project, a final overlay will be applied to the pavement. 

Intersection of Bull Creek Rd and RM 2222:
 The contractor will be laying the box culvert across this intersection with an open cut excavation as originally planned. The work will take place on weekends. Discussions have resumed about whether to close the whole intersection or to leave one west bound lane open. Shutting down the whole intersection will cost less and require fewer weekends. We should know in the next couple of weeks when this work is likely to occur.

Bullard Dr:
 It will likely be another three or four weeks before we can reopen the street. 

Greenbelt near Shoal Creek Blvd and Bull Creek Rd: 
The work in the greenbelt is almost complete. A hand-rail still needs to be installed.

More Information
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The main contacts for this project are:
Jim Evans, Construction Inspector
James.Evans [Email address: James.Evans #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]">James.Evans [Email address: James.Evans #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

Tony Krauss, Project Manager
Tony.Krauss [Email address: Tony.Krauss #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]">Tony.Krauss [Email address: Tony.Krauss #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

Greg Weems, Inspection Supervisor
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