• There will be no work on Labor Day.
  • We should be almost at the White Horse intersection with the box culverts by Sept. 9.
  • We will start installing the water main on Bull Creek Road, near Shoal Creek Blvd., on Tues., Sept. 6.
  • Bullard will continue to be closed for at least another two weeks.
  • We are on target to close RM 2222 at Bull Creek Road towards the end of September. The closure will be on weekends only. It will take at least six weekends to complete the work.
  • All dates and time frames are estimates only, based on the information available on August 30.

Informal Meeting: The Project Manager, Tony Krauss, is usually available for questions at the north end of the excavation on Bull Creek Road at 5:30 p.m. most Tuesdays, including Tuesday, August 30. If you come, please stay out of the barricaded area.

Status of the Box Culverts on Bull Creek Rd: The contractor continues to install the two 7 by 4 foot box culverts on Bull Creek Road. Construction is in the block between White Rock and White Horse. We should be approaching the White Horse intersection September 9.

For installation of the box culvert, about 400 feet of Bull Creek Road is completely closed to traffic on a 24-hour basis. The progress depends on the amount of rock and the conflicting utility lines. The closure cannot be reopened at night for safety reasons.

White Horse Trail: White Horse Trail will need to be closed between Nasco and Woodview/Shoalwood for about a week for installation of the two 7 by 4 foot box culverts. We expect to reach this area around September 12. The contractor also needs to install a 36-inch storm drain pipe down White Horse Trail between Nasco and Wynona before the project's end.

Bull Creek Road, the block between RM 2222 and White Rock: The contractor will need to return to this block to continue working in the tributary and to install new water and wastewater service lines. The work on the tributary is likely to start first, around the week of September 12. The work on the service lines will start when the contractor finishes work on the box culvert. The service lines are pipes that connect the main line in the street to the property line. Installing the service lines is much faster than installing the box culverts. Lanes may be closed by each house as the work progresses, but driveways should not be blocked for more than a day or so, and one lane on the road should be open.

Bull Creek Road, the block between Shoal Creek Blvd and RM 2222: The contractor plans to start installing the new water main on Tuesday, September 6. It is likely to take about a month to install the water line, the service lines and complete the required testing of the lines. Installing the service lines is much faster than installing the box culverts. Lanes may be closed by each house as the work progresses, but one lane on the street should remain open. Driveways may be occasionally blocked, but for the most part, there should be access to driveways.

Intersection of Bull Creek Rd and RM 2222: The contractor will be laying the box culvert across this intersection with an open cut excavation as originally planned. The work will take place on weekends, and the whole intersection will be closed. It will take at least six weekends to complete. This work is likely to start once the contractor finishes installing the two box culverts, near the end of September. We will put out signs ahead of this work.

Bullard Drive: Reopening this street has been delayed, probably at least another two weeks, due to a change in the details of the street reconstruction. Construction may resume in this area later in the fall, when Watershed Protection's crews are planning to begin installing the remainder of the storm drain system on Rickey, Carleen and Bullard.

Greenbelt near Shoal Creek Blvd and Bull Creek Rd: The work in the greenbelt is almost complete. A hand-rail still needs to be installed.

More Information
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