lamar-tree All, Sustainable Neighborhoods ( is kicking off a project to plant up to 50 more trees along Burnet Rd this October. There will be two planting dates – Sunday October 9 2 PM, and Sunday October 16, 2 PM.  Details about the plantings are at, including preliminary site maps by block.

This last year we demonstrated that we can keep 21 trees watered and in good health, even during a horrible drought. That has won us credibility with TreeFolks, and we think they will give us trees despite no fixed irrigation. The thing that will make or break the project is WATER.  The number of trees we can plant is directly related to our watering plan, which will consist of volunteer watering and paying area students to water.

So we need people to pledge watering hours and make donations.  And we need people to forward this appeal to friends and neighbors. PLEASE help get the word out that we are raising funds and volunteer hours to make Burnet Rd a beautiful extension of our beautiful neighborhoods – and a place attractive for pedestrians, bicyclists and transit-users.

Write checks to ‘Sustainable Neighborhoods’, 6811 Daugherty, Austin, TX 78757

As an aside, this year we are focusing our planting efforts on the Allandale, Brentwood and Crestview zones of Burnet. In coming years we will be planting elsewhere, including in Wooten, North Shoal Creek, Highland and other parts of North Central Austin. We chose this part of Burnet to build credibility to encourage the City of Austin to finish sidewalk segments here.  Also, we need to work out some issues with where to plant trees on Burnet north of Anderson, where the sidewalks are oddly aligned relative to the curb. Thanks to all the many people who have already participated in making this project come to life!

Steven ZettnerSustainable Neighborhoods of North Central Austin