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Allandale Storm Drain Improvements Project Update 8/30/11


  • There will be no work on Labor Day.
  • We should be almost at the White Horse intersection with the box culverts by Sept. 9.
  • We will start installing the water main on Bull Creek Road, near Shoal Creek Blvd., on Tues., Sept. 6.
  • Bullard will continue to be closed for at least another two weeks.
  • We are on target to close RM 2222 at Bull Creek Road towards the end of September. The closure will be on weekends only. It will take at least six weekends to complete the work.
  • All dates and time frames are estimates only, based on the information available on August 30.

Raccoon mischief

What follows is an email I received from my neighbor down the street about a raccoon that had dug a hole into his roof. I agree with Dan, that is very odd and it makes me wonder if it is somehow related to the hot, dry weather causing uncharacteristic behaviors in...

Atown: A New Boutique on Burnet Road

Atown storefront by Laura Dooley

The stretch of Burnet Road between 2222 and North Loop is fast becoming my favorite part of town. There are unique places to eat, drink, dance, exercise, and paint. I’ve been anxiously watching the space at the corner of Burnet and Shoalmont, wondering what new Burnet treasure was taking shape. Now that “Atown an Austin Lifestyle Store” has opened, a cool new boutique has been added to the ranks. The bright orange exterior promised something special inside, and when it opened last month, I was not disappointed!

The first thing you notice when walking in to Atown is the size of the store. If you’ve been in Allandale for a while, you might remember Cierra, the rustic furniture store formerly in this location. Atown has taken over the space in a big way, filling four rooms with a variety of unique finds.

Inside Atown On my first visit, I was warmly welcomed by Jenni Charles. She’s the store manager, and explained that the store is owned by the same local folks who own Blue Elephant boutique and The Beauty Store Salon and Spa. Jenni told me that Atown “caters to the Austin lifestyle as a whole.” Exploring the four spacious rooms, you’ll notice that potential birthday, anniversary, housewarming, baby shower, and “just-because” gifts are abundant.

Allandale Storm Drain Improvements Project Update 8/16/11

Informal Meeting: The Project Manager, Tony Krauss, is usually available for questions at the north end of the excavation on Bull Creek Road at 5:30 p.m. most Tuesdays, including Tuesday, August 16. If you come, please stay out of the barricaded area.

Status of Box Culvert on Bull Creek Rd
: The contractor continues to install the two 7 by 4 foot box culverts on Bull Creek Road. Construction was at the White Rock intersection on August 15, and it is likely to take most of the week to get through the intersection. Progress may be a little faster in the block north of White Rock. The contractor may reach the White Horse intersection in early September.

For installation of the box culvert, about 400 feet of Bull Creek Road is completely closed to traffic on a 24-hour basis. The progress depends on the amount of rock and the conflicting utility lines. The closure cannot be reopened at night for safety reasons.