I have seen many posts on the sound barrier along MoPac, and thought I'd send some links. For those who live nearby and for all who are concerned about the proposed walls, please try to attend one of the three remaining meetings.  The one for Allandale is at Gullett ,  6-8 PM 7/28. 

Please note that the process for providing input is very different from city issues, and neighborhood associations do not have stakeholder status.  See excerpt  below on the decision process.

Best, Cynthia


An excerpt from the sound wall page,

" Neighborhood Agreement on Sound Walls 
Under TxDOT and FHWA rules, people who own property that is generally adjacent to a proposed wall are given the opportunity to decide whether they want a sound wall constructed behind their community. The MoPac Improvement Project team has identified the location of potential walls and the abutting property owners associated with each wall segment. Sound wall workshops have been scheduled for each community. Following each workshop, property owners that receive ballots will have an opportunity to vote on whether or not they want a sound wall behind their property. A majority vote (greater than 50%) is needed if a sound wall is to be built. Under this democratic process it is possible some property owners along the MoPac corridor might choose not to support construction of a sound wall. Eligible property owners will be notified of the noise workshops via certified letter and are issued an official ballot to submit their vote. Ballots that are mailed back to the MoPac Improvement Project team must be postmarked no later than Monday, August 29, 2011." – the four partners. – contains link to a report developed with input from some neighborhood people