Meeting Place: One Texas Center , 3rd Floor, Room 325
505 Barton Springs Rd. @ South First.
PLEASE NOTE: this meeting begins at 7:00 rather than the usual 6:30!

All Short Term Rental stakeholders are welcome at this meeting.

The meeting of the “designated dozen” was held Monday June 13. There were 6 individuals representing the neighborhoods & impacted parties and 6 individuals representing owners/managers of Short Term Rentals. They shared and discussed each group’s positions regarding STRs. The Commissioners will capture the points of agreement and points of departure from the two perspectives, and present their findings at the June 20 meeting.

Commissioner Dealey also outlined the process from this point forward, which I thought might be useful (please note that beyond the 6/20 meeting, there is no actual timeline – just the order in which things will happen):

  • June 20 – final meeting of the stakeholders group.
  • Commissioners will then make a presentation to the rest of the Codes & Ordinances (C&O) Committee, which may give Staff a directive to start drafting an ordinance.
  • Staff will then bring a draft ordinance to a subsequent C&O meeting for their review, who will eventually send a recommendation to the full Planning Commission (PC).
  • As all proposed ordinances, all organizations in the Community Registry will receive notice of the PC meeting, and anyone may sign up to speak to the item at the public hearing.
  • PC may suggest modifications along with sending their recommendation to Council.
  • City Council will also hold a Public Hearing (again, organizations notified) and eventually an ordinance may be added to the City Code.

Also, I’ve been asked about the findings by the Board of Adjustment last night, where they reconsidered an earlier ruling regarding a Short Term Rental in the Allandale neighborhood. The video of that case can be viewed online at – select the “Boards and Commissions” tab, then click on the Video link for the Board of Adjustment/Sign Review Board June 13 meeting. This was Agenda Item B-1, Case # C15-2011-0038, and the video is 42 minutes long.

See you on June 20, but not until 7:00PM!

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