The Grand Opening for Northwest Recreation Center will be held at 10:00 am on Saturday, July 9th. The scope of the renovation project did not include the gymnasium and although the outside of the building appears completed, the gymnasium is not ready to open. PARD has contracted several companies to complete minor renovations to the gymnasium and the facility will open to the public when that work is completed. Part of the facility is completed, however, and to take advantage of that space, Northwest Recreation Center will be offering a limited enrollment summer camp for children ages 5-12 beginning June 6th. This will allow community members in need of day camp during the early part of summer to take advantage of the completed part of the facility and allow PARD to continue minor renovations in the gymnasium and in other parts of the building. The layout of the facility will feature: two classrooms, two multi-purpose rooms, a kitchen, a fitness room, a lobby, and a gymnasium. 

The facility will also receive upgrades in amenities. The classrooms will feature flat panel televisions that are laptop, cable, and internet connectible allowing for a wide variety of presentations and viewings. The fitness room will have medicine balls, elastic bands, and dumbbells from 5 to 50 pounds. The gymnasium will feature new glass backboards, a new volleyball system, and a new divider curtain. The whole facility will be wireless as well and there will be several lounge and game areas within the lobby for people to work or play. 

Northwest Recreation Center was also designed to be a "green" facility. Water is funneled from the roof into a series of canals surrounding the building. From there the water is funneled into rain gardens, and in cases of extreme rain, on to the soccer field where several areas of porous soil helps trap the water before it flows into Shoal Creek. The landscaping surrounding the facility is drought tolerant and requires little maintenance.”  

Thank you,  

Lucas Massie, M.Ed.
Central Team Program Manager
Northwest Recreation Center
2913 Northland Rd.Austin, Texas 78757
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