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Greenlawn Pkwy is being resurfaced which is the time the City would install bike lanes for the street if they are part of the City and’s 2009 Bicycle Plan Update and the street meets certain criteria. The street is designated in the Bike Plan to go from wide curb to bike lane (click here to read earlier post about bike lanes in Allandale) however the City has determined the street does not meet the necessary criteria so it will remain as is. Here is the response I received from the City’s Bike and Pedestrian program when I inquired:

Hit Tom,

Greenlawn is wide enough to accomodate bicycle lanes if we restrict parking to one side of the road.  However, it has low traffic volumes (our cutoff is generally ~3000 vehicles per day for bike lanes, the volume counts we have between Shoal Creek and Daugherty are 1600 and 2300).  Also, the street already has traffic calming (this doesn’t preclude bike lanes, but in general reduces their necessity).  As such, we currently have no plans to install bike lanes.

Thanks for asking, let me know if you have questions/comments.

Neil Kopper
Engineer Associate
City of Austin > Public Works > Neighborhood Connectivity Division > Bicycle Program
(512) 974.7166