Fluffly baby owl May 24 2011 first time out in sun Thought you might enjoy these pictures.  We put up an owl house a year ago this past fall but it was too late for last year’s nesting season.  This past September we had an owl move in, we now have two baby owls.  One is daring and looks out, the other one just bobs up and down.  I caught these pictures May 23 and May 24.  May 23 is the first day I have seen them out in daylight, well not completely out, you can see the eyes.  The first picture was too funny, there was a young squirrel sleeping on top of the owl house with his tail swinging in the breeze.  Note how that tail caught the attention of the baby owl.  It wasn’t long before the squirrel darted up the tree to safety.  On the 24th one baby owl became daring enough to come all the way out and sit in the sun for the first time.  The other head kept bobbing up and down, still haven’t seen him/her all the way out yet.  Owl Shack is a Texas company that makes owl houses and has wonderful information if anyone is interested in an owl house.  There is no financial gain for me from this, other than wonderful enjoyment watching the owls.  Their website is a great source of information on screech owls.  Owl Shack http://owlshack.com/index.html

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