Drainage project at Northland and Bull Creek, May 29 2011 Installation of the box culvert on Bull Creek Road will probably move north of Allandale early next week. The contractor may move equipment this weekend. This means part of Bull Creek Road north of Allandale may be closed and the driveways of the first few houses north of Allandale may be blocked as early as Saturday, June 4. For safety reasons, the road must be closed around the equipment.  

The construction required for the box culvert is more extensive than any other City of Austin construction project that the neighborhood has experienced. The equipment is very large and roughly a 400-foot stretch of road is closed on a 24-hour basis. The closure moves northward anywhere between 20 and 80 feet a day. The progress depends on the amount of rock and the conflicting utility lines.

Informal Meetings
The Project Manager, Tony Krauss, will be available for questions at the north end of the excavation on Bull Creek Road at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesdays. On  June 7, we anticipate that this will be just north of Allandale. If you come, please stay out of the barricaded area. 

Bull Creek Road, the block between Shoal Creek Boulevard and AllandaleIf the construction progresses at the same rate, we believe the box culvert will be installed up to Allandale by the end of this week.  The contractor is beginning to replace the wastewater services on the east side of the street (odd-numbered houses). The wastewater services are pipes that run between the main wastewater line in the street and the property line, about 10 feet behind the curb.  Residents on these blocks between Shoal Creek and Allandale should see a short break in construction activity after the wastewater services are installed. However, additional work remains. The contractor will be installing a new water main and water services to houses on both the east and the west sides of the street for both blocks. The new water main may change the water pressure. This work may start in the next two to four weeks. The water main is a 12-inch pipe that will be installed about five feet beneath the surface of the road. It will not take as long or require as large an excavation as the box culvert. However, we’re anticipating that it will still take at least a month to install. Sometime afterwards the street will be reconstructed, and before the end of the project, a final overlay will be applied to the pavement.

Status of Box Culvert on Bull Creek Road
The contractor is continuing the installation of the box culvert along Bull Creek Road. A box culvert is a rectangular, concrete pipe for carrying storm water. For the installation, about 400 feet of Bull Creek Road is completely closed to traffic on a 24-hour basis. The closure is currently moving north an about 40 to 75 feet a day. The current estimate is that the culvert will be probably be completely installed on the south side of Allandale by Friday, June 3 and the major construction activity will move north of Allandale. In the block between Shoal Creek and Northland, the contractor hit rock under Bull Creek Road while installing the box culvert. The rock slowed progress and increased the level of noise, dust and vibrations during construction for that block. More rock may be encountered as the construction progresses northward. The extra noise, dust and vibrations are caused by breaking the limestone bedrock. About once a day, the contractor is required to sweep the dust off the roadway, resulting in a temporary, large cloud of dust. This is hard to control even with the use of water.

Intersection of Bull Creek Road and Allandale
The contractor will be laying the box culvert across this intersection with an open cut excavation as originally planned. The work will take several weekends and has not been scheduled yet.

Intersection of Bull Creek Road and Northland Drive 
This intersection was reopened on Friday, May 27. 

Bullard Drive
This street will continue to be completely closed at Carleen Drive for up to two more months. The bore is now complete, and the storm drain line is being installed. OutfallWork is not complete in the parkland near Shoal Creek and Bull Creek Road for installation of the outfall. The outfall is where the storm water will be released into the creek. More work is needed in this area to finish the headwall. This work is not scheduled at this time.

Here is a link to the web site for project: http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/watershed/flood_allandale.htm

The main contacts for this project are:
Jim Evans, Construction Inspector 512-974-1586 James.Evans [Email address: James.Evans #AT# ci.austin.tx.us - replace #AT# with @ ]
Tony Krauss, Project Manager 512-974-7138 Tony.Krauss [Email address: Tony.Krauss #AT# ci.austin.tx.us - replace #AT# with @ ]
Greg Weems, Inspection Supervisor512-974-1570Greg.Weems [Email address: Supervisor512-974-1570Greg.Weems #AT# ci.austin.tx.us - replace #AT# with @ ]