Informal Meeting
The Project Manager, Tony Krauss, will be available for questions at the excavation on Bull Creek Road at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesdays. Usually, we will be at the north end of the excavation, but for safety reasons, on June 7, we will meet at the south end. This is about mid-block between RM 2222 and Northland. If you come, please stay out of the barricaded area.

Construction Moving North of Allandale
Installation of the box culvert on Bull Creek Road will probably move north of Allandale by the end of this week. The current plan is to move the equipment across RM 2222 on Thursday, June 9, but the move could happen earlier or later without notice. The intersection of RM 2222 and Bull Creek Road will be closed to move the equipment across and then reopened.