2011 garage sale map

Click on the map to get to the interactive Google map where you can zoom in on the location of the garage sales that will be going on in this Saturday's Allandale Garage Sale. Many of the addresses on the map include a list of the items to be sold.

Don't forget! Get your info to me for the Garage Sale this Saturday.

The time you start is your decision, but I do need your address for the map and any items you want to list.

We will put it on Craig's List this week and it will be in the newspaper at the end of the week in the Garage Sale section, plus we have a Google map – you can access it now, but it still has some from last year that I will delete. I'm waiting to see if we have repeats before I delete 2010. So far, we have 30 participating houses. Google map is 2011 Allandale Super Sale.

Signs will be put out at the end of the week. Disregard the times listed – that was from a previous year and we are not getting new signs for an hour change!

Send your info to: dbmc09 [Email address: dbmc09 #AT# gmail.com - replace #AT# with @ ]

Remember: this is a service of the Allandale Neighborhood Association, whether you are a member of not. However, if you are not – you should be! We spend lots and lots of hours to have a good neighborhood and we need all of you to help! It's easy to be a member – pay online at www.allandalereporter.org.

Donna Beth [Email address: dbmc09 #AT# gmail.com - replace #AT# with @ ]