6a00d8341c574253ef015431dfe2f9970cBrett Denton and Art Carpenter with Ardent Residential, the real estate development firm that developed the 5350 Burnet Rd property, met with Brentwood neighbors Thursday night seeking input on their plans for a new Vertical Mixed Use development at 5453 Burnet Road. The development would be very similar to the 5350 Burnet Rd development with slightly more units. The property is on a 2.4 acre tract on the east side of Burnet Rd near Karavel Shoes. Uptown Modern, the Frame Corner and Fisken Antiques are three of the retail tenants currently located on the property.

According to the site plan they presented (see photo) the mixed use development would be primarily residential with some retail and commercial on that portion of the property that fronts Burnet Road.

Ardent Residential, which is under contract to buy the property from the Covert family, is seeking a zoning change to a VMU designation which would allow it to build approximately 200 units compared to the existing zoning which would limit it to approximately 120 units. By comparison, the 5350 Burnet Rd development has 170 units. Attendees of the meeting were reminded by Don Leighton-Burwell, the Brentwood Neighborhood Association’s president, that regardless of the outcome of the zoning change, the owner can move forward with a mixed use development as is. It just won’t be as dense.

Concerns from the neighborhood had to do with increased traffic on the adjoining streets and through the neighborhood as residents of the development travel to and from the property. The proposed site plan shows entrance into the parking garage from Adams Ave. It was recommended they put it on Burnet Rd. Other concerns had to do with increased street parking along Adams Ave and Clay.

The group agreed another meeting was in order. Ardent said they are probably 15 to 18 months from breaking ground on the project. You can find additional information about the proposed project at the Brentwood Neighborhood Association web site (click here).