The date: March 26th
The time: 9 am – noon
The place: Northwest Park
Number of people needed: minimum 25

Contacts: Linnea (lemsgarden [Email address: lemsgarden #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]) or Donna Beth (dbmc [Email address: dbmc #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ])

The Parks and Recreation Department has made Northwest Park one of their priorities to make huge improvements and we must hel if it is going to be done, so — all of you that have been talking about what needs to be done for the park you want to enjoy – WE NEED YOU!! AND – we need you to get all of your friends. It will also be a good project for Scouts and other volunteer youth groups.

We Need:
– if you facebook and twitter – get the word out, because we will need lots and lots of bodies to accomplish this project.
– we need donations of paint, gloves, and snacks
– we need some wheel barrow to haul stuff
– we need team leaders the day of to lead 2-4 people in task assignments: such as

  • mulching trees and moving the mulch to make sure 10 trees are mulched
  • cleaning and planting succulents on the roof of the pool building
  • trash pick up team, weeding the path from the basketball court to the parking area
  • painting teams—volunteers to man the sign in desk and track volunteers. (We need this desperately!)
  • Someone to pick up and drop off tools from Austin Parks Foundation tool shed across from the Convention Center = pickup needed
  • Someone to pick up and drop off kayaks from town lake
  • Anyone with Lifeguard training – we need them to monitor the work on the pond for safety reasons