Hello Everyone,

We finally have a firm date for the Dedication Ceremony; we had a few delays but everything seems to be on track now. 

The ceremony will be:   Friday,  March 25th @ 1:30pm with a reception to follow. We decided to have it during the school day so that at least some ofthe Gullett students could be included even though most of them will not have known Ms. Camden.  The plan is to have the ceremony outside near the greenhouse, weather permitting; we will move inside if necessary.  We will have a few chairs for those who need them but most of us will be standing.  Let me know if you have special needs.  

After the ceremony we will move into the library for a reception with refreshments so we will have time to talk and reminisce. Parking will be a bit of a challenge since many of us will still be there when school ends so I'll ask that you park behind the school in the baseball parking area or on the street on Foster (but not in thebus parking area).  We'll do our best to have someone available to help you find parking (any volunteers??)

Many thanks to all of you who contributed originally; we hope that the revitalization of the Gullett greenhouse will provide many years of enjoyment for Gullett students and be a wonderful teaching resource for teachers.  We feel certain that Ms. Camden would have approved of our choice because it incorporates so many of the things she loved. If anyone else wishes to contribute, please make your checks payableto "Gullett PTA Grounds Committee"  since all previously contributed funds have been donated and our memorial fund account has been closed.

We're excited to finally be honoring Ms. Camden; she meant so much to so many.  We planned the event for a Friday and at the beginning or end of many college springs breaks in the hope that those of you who wish, would have the opportunity to attend.  If you are unable to attend, please stop by the greenhouse sometime to see the results, but don't forget to check in at the office if the school is open (once a school secretary, always a school secretary…  : }  ).

This labor of love is coming to an end, in addition to all of you, I want to thank Laura DiCarlo and the Gullett Grounds Committee forhelping to make it all happen.  I'm pretty sure Ms. Camden will be smiling down on us all.

With Love and Respect,Linda Lebo