lamar-tree Hi all,

Let me know offline if you’d be interested in helping to plant 10-12 5-gal trees on the east side of Burnet Rd at 3 PM, Sunday March 13.

Six of the trees will be at Frisco’s, and they will be watering the trees until they are established. We’re also intending to plant a couple of trees at two or three nearby bus stops, including in front of Elsi’s.

Sustainable Neighborhoods is in talks with CapMetro about piloting a “Green Jug” program, where volunteers arrange milk jugs of water at bus stops. Bus riders can pour the water on the trees, then take the jugs with them and bring them back full. While there’s obviously a jug attrition rate, the idea is to greatly amplify the watering power of a given volunteer. If you live near Burnet and would be interested in helping to organize such a program, please let me know. Also let me know if you could save your half-gallonjugs for us, since these will be easier for bus riders to carry.

BTW, so far all of the trees planted last October at Lamar Middle School are doing well. One of the plum trees is covered inflowers. This is due to the several volunteers who have been dutifully watering the trees each week throughout this mostly dry spell.