Austin bike poster show image The 2011 Austin Bike Poster Show is seeking poster submissions. The Show will be held in May (Bike Month). The Show opening will be Friday, May 6 nearby at the Frame Corner Gallery, 5601 Adams Ave next to Karavel Shoes. There will be 20 posters selected for the Show which will be on display at the Frame Corner, at City Hall, and other locations around town.

The Austin Bike Poster Show is designed to inspire people to get around Austin by bike, whether it's to visit a neighbor three blocks away or to commute 5 miles to work. Use your artistic talent and creativity to come up with the message and design that will inspire people to go by bike. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the posters will go to the Lamar Middle School's Safe Routes to School program. Submit a poster. You can find the details here: Submission deadline is April 23, 2011.