The Allandale Neighborhood Association Executive Committee announces a
specially-called meeting about a proposed supportive housing development at 7685
Northcross Drive.

Date: 02/24/2011
Time: 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Location: Covenant Presbyterian Church (room to be announced)

The meeting will include:
1) Presentation of the “adaptive reuse” development plan, by Sarah Andre,
applicant's representative.
2) Q&A with Ms. Andre
3) Explanation of the review process
4) Discussion on any action for ANA to take.

There is another meeting Wednesday, February7. The Development Committee of
North Shoal Creek Neighborhood Association is meeting with the applicant's
representative and invites other neighborhoods to participate. For details:

ANA received this background information from Ms. Andre in a letter:
1) Allandale Northcross LP is applying for the Housing Tax Credit Program with
the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs for The Allandale at
Northcross, located at 7685 Northcross Drive, Austin, TX78757.

2) This “adaptive reuse” development at the Allandale at Northcross would be an
apartment community of 244 units renting for $323 – $739, depending on the
tenants' income. All tenants will have low-incomes, ranging from incomes less
than 30% of the area’s median family income (AMFI) to 60% AMFI.

3) If awarded, this development would be ready for occupancy
approximately November 2013.

ANA received a notification letter from TX DHCA. It provided two contacts,
Robbye Meyer, Director of Multifamily Programs. 475-2213, and Raquel Morales,
Program Administrator, 475-1676.

I spoke with Ms. Morales about the application review process. She states
that input must be received from a "Quantifiable Community Participant" (QCP)
by March 1 to be included in scoring of "pre-applications" for the Housing Tax
Credit Program. State representative and state senator input may also be
included in scoring if received by April 1. Ms. Morales said that her
department will hold a hearing to receive public comment on this and other
proposed developments, after the full application is received from all
applicants. There are 8 urban pre-applicants in region 7, including the
Northcross application. They are listed in this pdf file:

The applicant owner is Tim Cantwell. An internet search shows that he is a
Californiadeveloper whose work includes low income communities for homeless

Best regards,
Cynthia Keohane, President, Allandale Neighborhood Association