On Sunday, February 20th, the following roads in the Allandale area will close to traffic by 7:00am and reopen on a rolling schedule based on the location of the last runner. All roads should reopen by 1:00pm.

  • The southbound lane of Shoal Creek between Hancock Dr. and White Rock Dr. will be closed to traffic. The northbound lane will maintain vehicle traffic.
  • All of Great Northern Blvd between White Rock and Foster Lane will be closed to traffic.
  • The east bound lanes of Foster between Great Northern and Northcross Dr. The westbound lanes will maintain vehicle traffic.
  • The east bound lanes of Northcross Dr from Foster to Burnet Rd. 

During the event access in and out of the Allandale area will be available via Anderson Lane, Mopac and Burnet Road as well as side streets that do not cross the race route. All signalized intersections along the race route will be staffed by officers of the Austin Police Department to assist with access in and
out. The runners will cross Burnet Rd at Northcross Dr. and proceed east to Woodrow on Morrow Dr.

People in the area bounded by White Rock, Shoal Creek, and Northland will have complete access to Northland via Bullard Dr., Marilyn Dr., and Louise Ln. From there they can take Northland/2222 west to Mopac.

Residents west of Bull Creek, between Hancock and 45th, will have access to both Hancock and 45th by driving south on Bull Creek to 45th St., so they’ll be able to get to Mopac. Runners will be in the northbound lanes.

If you’re east of Shoal Creek, and south of Foster/Northcross/St. Joseph’s, Morrow, and you need to get out of the course’s loop, there are a number of options.

Many residents that live right on or near the route, and know they need to get out during the race, will park their cars just on the other side of the route. For example, if you live on the south side of Foster, you could park your car on the north side of the street. This is not an option for the mobility impaired, of course. In that case, please contact the Austin Marathon and we will coordinate a way for you to exit the neighborhood.

The best way out of Allandale on race morning is to avoid the race course altogether. This means going a bit out of the way, but most people prefer to be moving rather than waiting:

· South on Burnet to 45th
· Left (east) on 45th to Lamar
· Right (south) on Lamar to 29th
· Right (west) on 29th to Mopac
· From Mopac, you could go north to 183.

You can get through Austin Police-controlled intersections, such as the one at Burnet Road and Northcross/St. Joseph’s. But, that involves a wait, as the officers can only let drivers through gaps in the runners, who will be crossing there between 8:30am and noon. The longest wait times will be between about 9:00am and 11:00am.

If you do want to drive through the course rather than around it, the better way out of the area is to get to Justin Lane, east of Burnet Road. At the intersection of Justin Lane and Arroyo Seco, there will be an officer letting people through the race route, but the wait times are much shorter there.

We’re always happy to help individuals find the best routes in or out of the neighborhood, but we also want to be as efficient as possible in getting the information to individuals before they have a problem.

If anyone has any more specific issues, or needs some clarification, feel free to email us at road.closures [Email address: road.closures #AT# youraustinmarathon.com - replace #AT# with @ ].

P: 512 476 7223
F: 512 532 0763