My name is Wendy Morgan and I work for the City of Austin’s Watershed Protection Department.  We are planning a commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of the devastating Memorial Day Flood and are looking for people who experienced the storm first hand.  In the coming months, we are planning to launch a website that gives citizens the opportunity to share their personal stories with photos, text or video, but we want to collect some stories now, so the website has some items when launched.


The City has about a dozen photos in our archives, but I was so intrigued by the stories you had on your website from neighbors like Barbara Von Merz and Allan McMurtry. I was hoping you might be able to help me reach out to folks in the neighborhood that might be willing to share their stories.  We can do this multiple ways. Folks can email me their story, email me photos (if scanned digitally), or even send me a video if they tell their story on a video camera and upload it to YouTube. We are also looking for a few people to interview and capture their stories on video using our Channel 6 TV crew.

All this material will be displayed on a website that will be a “social curation” type project where we can combine our collective memories of this event online to share with anyone interested.

If you can assist me in anyway, I would be grateful. You are welcome to contact me directly at the contact info below, but if folks have stories, videos or images to share, they can be emailed directly to FloodAwareness [Email address: FloodAwareness #AT# ci.austin.tx.us - replace #AT# with @ ].

My goals are to reach out to folks in the next two weeks, so your help if so appreciated.

Please don’t’ hesitate to call if I can give you more information.


Wendy Morgan

FloodAwareness [Email address: FloodAwareness #AT# ci.austin.tx.us - replace #AT# with @ ]

wendy l. morgan | public information specialist sr. | 512.974.2090
city of austin | watershed protection departmen