Tonight’s ANA Executive Committee Meeting, 6:30 pm, October 28, 2010
Covenant Hall, second floor, Covenant Presbyterian Church 


Call to Order6:30-6:30
Agenda Approval 6:30-6:35

Minutes 6:35-6:40
Treasurer Report6:40-6:50

Committee Reports

Safety – Laura DiCarlo 6:50-6:55
Membership – Dan Diener6:55-7:05
Parks and Greenspace – Linnea Lemon7:05-7:10
Zoning – Paulette Kern7:10-7:15
ANC – Cynthia Keohane7:15-7:20
Newsletter – Tom Linehan7:20-7:25
Lamar Safe Routes to School – 7:25-7:30
Nominating Committee – Diane/Joe7:30-7:40

Comprehensive Plan – Peggy/DonnaBeth7:40-7:45
President’s Report7:45-7:55

New Business
Public Hearing Notice for Heritage Tree Variance-request for 4709 Highland Terrace- ZAP 11/027:55–8:05Possible ANA policy on variance requests – BrykerWoods and WANG models8:05-8:15

Old Business
Articles of Incorporation8:15-8:20
Attorney fee payment8:20-8:25

Announcements 8:25-8:30