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Yard Art in Allandale

Yard Art in Allandale

  Some people go beyond grass, plants, and trees to decorate their yards. Here are photos of yard art around Allandale. They include a land shark created by owner/artist Dustin Little at the corner of Shoal Creek and McElroy. Along Great Northern just north of...

What’s Selling in Allandale – Real Estate Trends

Allandale homes for sale October 2010 Tom Linehan

Driving around the neighborhood these days it appears there are an unusual number of houses up for sale. I was wondering if this is indeed the case. Are there more homes for sale in Allandale today than two or three years ago before the economy went bad? What about home values in the area? Are they holding up? We know it’s a tough real estate market nationwide, but what is happening with real estate in our neighborhood?

I turned to some local realtors to get the story. Terry Echols, realtor with Keller Williams Realty, says, “there are currently 26 listings on the market in the Gullett portion of Allandale. Of those, 6 are under contract. This is a higher number of listings on the market than, say, 6 or 7 years ago, when folks planned to stay in their homes a long time. That mentality is changing.”