A message from Laura DiCarlo, Allandale's Neighborhood Watch Coordinator:

The Whiteway burglary, the one at Sammy's House, and other recent burglaries such as the one on White Horse Trail, point to the fact that we may need to step up our Neighborhood Watch efforts.  

Please come to our ANA General Meeting this Thursday at 6:30pm at Covenant Presbyterian Church (corner of 2222 and MOPAC)to hear from and ask questions of our APD District Reps, Officers Rolando Gutierrez and Josh Metteauer. 

In addition, I will be doing a training for block captains Tuesday, October 26th at 7:15pm and patrols at 8:15pm at 6307 Wilbur Dr.

Please RSVP off list if you would like to come to the training for either or both, or if you just want to learn more.  I can also do trainings other times and days to accommodate people's schedules.

Please follow these guidelines as well to step up safety efforts:

•Get to know your neighbors by name and be able to identify them and their vehicles.

•Call 911 if you ever suspect someone is in your area who should not be.

•Reduce high bushes and other foliage around your home in which people can lurk or hide. Plant spiky bushes under windows.

•Install motion lighting outside your home.

•Give the appearance of someone being home when you are not. Leave lights on a timer and a car parked in the driveway.

•Have a neighbor check on your house frequently if you are out of town.

•Tell neighbors when you plan to have workmen coming, so that people posing as workmen will be quickly identified as such.

•Replace your exterior doors with solid care doors that are 1 3/4 inches thick and secured with deadbolts. Replace old screws in strikeplates with 3 inch screws. Lock all doors and windows.

•Secure windows with 2 locking devices.

•Close garage doors or secure valuables in a car port whenever you are not right there.

•Record serial numbers of electronics and keep an inventory of all valuables including jewelry, china, electronics, etc. The inventory (pictures, written list, etc.) should be kept in a fire-safe box somewhere away from your home.

•Engrave property that doesn’t have a serial number.

•Consider an alarm system or dog.

•Hide all valuables in your home or car. Someone should not be able to look into a window and see your valuables when you are not home. In the evenings when you are watching tv close the curtains so people can not look in and see the television. Store purses, lap tops and cell phones out of sight.

•When out of town cancel all deliveries such as the newspaper, and have a neighbor check for handbills on the door.

•Arrange to have your lawn cared for if you are going to be away.

•Don’t hide keys under doormats or flowerpots or in similar places.

•Let a neighbor (especially your block captain) know how you can be reached in case of emergency. 

•Let only those who need to know when you are going out of town.

•Report all crimes to the police immediately and post details on the listserve as well. If you are not on the listserve please consider joining and have your block captain post the incident (no names need be used). The more information we all have the better we can see patterns, prove to APD about the need for more patrols, and in general better deal with crime in our area. 

•If you believe someone has broken into your house, leave immediately and call 911. 

•If you are not already, become an Allandale Neighborhood Association member. The more community involvement and connectedness there is the safer we all will be.


Laura DiCarlo

Allandale Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

lhdicarlo [Email address: lhdicarlo #AT# yahoo.com - replace #AT# with @ ]